Welcome to Robertson County Church of Christ

Gospel Meeting

April 30th – May 3rd

David Paden

Speaker: David Paden

Theme: The Servant of God

Days          Times        Sermons

Sun.       9:30AM    Characteristics of the Servant of God

Sun.       10:30AM  Evangelism, the Mission of the Servant of God

Sun.       6:00PM   The Spiritual Growth of the Servant of God

Mon.      7:00PM   Equipping the Servant of God for Battle

Tue.        7:00PM   An Attitude of Success for the Servant of God

Wed.      7:00PM   How to Stay Motivated as a Servant of God

A congregation of God’s People started meeting in 1982. It was begun by individuals and families who in various area congregations had for several years opposed liberalism.The Church is active in Bible Study Classes, Internet Ministry, Tape and CD Ministry, Personal Work, Benevolence, Mission Work, Bible Camp, and Gospel Meetings.

Worship Times                                                                 
Sunday Morning Bible Study                    9:30 A.M.
Sunday Morning Worship                       10:30 A.M.
Sunday Evening Worship                         6:00 P.M.
Wednesday Evening Bilbe Study             7:00 P.M.
Please send questions, comments or request a
bible study to the following e-mail address: